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We are an Energy Healing Sanctuary 


I have been an intuitive for over 40 years but started my career as a Financial Analyst. Then 20 years ago after having some negatively charged experiences with the current medical approach I started to put my analytical abilities into good use and do my own research into the alternative and complimentary medicines.

My fascination with Quantum Physics and Metaphysics took my consciousness to a higher level and lead me to blending the two together. Travelling around the world studying and meeting with Energy Healing leaders who taught me how to tap into the quantum field so that it can be used to its highest potential.

I was then introduced to Thetahealing, which is a technique that taught me how to tap into the subconscious and identify, pull out, change and resolve any energetic beliefs, patterns and attachments that were subconsciously sabotaging our life. Once these “stresses” were taken out of the picture the mind body and soul was able to achieve a relaxed state and accelerate the healing process efficiently to its highest potential.

I call myself a “healthy sceptic” and after having experienced some major life healings through energy healing techniques, all was validated and lead me to delve more into the world of Energy Healing.

I have found Energy Healing to be gentle, logical, natural and non- invasive with unlimited and infinite applications.

In my practice I tap into your energy field, Unlock, Align, Balance, Restore and Enhance your ability to heal your Body, Mind and Soul by using these powerful and precise Energy Healing techniques:

Thetahealing – Founded by Vianna Stibal
Reconnective Healing – Found by Dr Eric Pearl
Matrix Energetics – Founded by Dr Richard Bartlett
Touch for Health – Kinesiology
Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Found by Delores Canon

As no two people are the same, neither are their solutions. I intuitively engage in the suitable energetic field for my client’s needs to achieve the highest and best results quickly and efficiently.

I look forward to assisting you in enhancing your life,
achieving good health and happiness.


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