What is Aurelia Energy Enhancement Clinic?

The Energy that made the body, heals the body

Aurelia is an Energy Healing Clinic that provides the latest technology and practitioners from around the world in the field of Energy Medicine.

Our mission is to inform our clients and the public on how to better look after themselves and what new technologies are available to them to help them to manifest healthy happy and enriching lives.

Aurelia Energy Enhancement Clinic is also a platform for many other life-enhancing technologies and products.

We live in a fast-paced world and often forget to take the time to heal ourselves. Aurelia is here to enhance the human condition through Energy Healing. Our methods are natural, non-inavsive, and look at health in a wholistic way.

Aurelia is bridging the worlds of
metaphysics and quantum physics.

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How It works

Aurelia provides wellness through:

The latest ‘space age’ biofield technologies from around the world that have been clinically proven.

Hosting seminars which provide a platform for the latest speakers from around the world in the field of Human Energy Enhancement and the related health and wellness benefits.

Providing the best practitioners and consultants within Australia in the field of Energy Healing/Medicine.

Providing products to purchase that will assist and help you to make better life decisions.

World leaders in energy healing, under one roof

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Case Studies

What do our clients say?


Visit us


17 Khartoum Road (corner of Khartoum and Talavera) 
Macquarie Park 
NSW 2113
Ph: 1300 AURELIA


Mon - Friday  7am - 7pm
Sat                 8am - 5pm
Sunday          Closed


Limited on-site parking.
2 minute walk to Macquarie
Shopping Centre.


Bus routes run past
the clinic.
Macquarie Park and Macquarie University stations